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bankruptcy attorney asheville nc Our Asheville law office offers services to help businesses with all of the many challenges that they face. We pride ourselves on our commitment to diligence and ambition in the representation of our clients.

We offer assistance to businesses at any stage of the process. This includes anything from selecting which business entity is most suitable for your needs and filing the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State to helping customize operating agreements or bylaws that will allow your business to operate in the most effective manner.

Contract Law

A good contract is the best insurance policy any business can have.

From asset sales as part of a business transaction to buying merchandise at Amazon, each of our transactions rests on the bedrock of contract law; many interactions you make each day involves the use of contract law.

We will use our wealth of experience to assist you with the issue you may be facing, whether it is contract negotiation, drafting the terms to protect yourself from liability, or reviewing a contract that someone has asked you to sign.

We also handle contract litigation, ranging from issues such as security agreements to construction claims.

Contract Disputes

We can also assist with contract disputes when they arise. These disputes may be between businesses themselves, the owners, or disputes that are unrelated to any business activity.

IRS Issues

The IRS is a behemoth. 

It has multitudes of divisions, endless requirements, and changes its rules and regulations constantly.

The IRS also makes mistakes.

We are well versed in filing claims for refunds in the US Courts, debating penalties, and how to handle the collections arm of the Internal Revenue Service.

From Employment Taxes through income taxes through tax penalties, our firm is prepared to provide you with a robust set of options for contesting your assessed tax liability. We will make sure you understand your options before having to engage and will stay with you through your whole ordeal until you have reached the most satisfactory conclusion.

Tax Planning Advice

For businesses and individuals, our office can offer quality tax planning advice to ensure that you or your company has the most beneficial tax plan. We will also attempt to resolve tax disputes involving the North Carolina Department of Revenue or the IRS.


This firm has proudly represented many individual tradesmen and sub-contractors since Jack Westall, Jr. set up his first law practice in the office of his great grandfather's lumber company.

We are glad to continue that tradition today.

No matter what you make, build, or create, we understand that it is your livelihood. 

From our experience, we can assist in creating contracts that provide clarity as to the job requirements, and help prevent a contractor from winding up in a situation wondering if it will ever get paid. 

We have handled various construction issues ranging from liens, securing payment for work performed, assisting in identifying when the job has been completed and negotiating liabilities for delays.

Business and Tax Issues

When setting up a new business there are already many decisions to be made, and the ones you make first can be the most determinative.

The choice of how you set up your business with the State of North Carolina will affect how you get paid, the taxes you pay, and have many other financial implications. Whether you desire to have a C Corporation or to create an LLC or a Partnership, or some other entity, we can advise you on the best practices to suit your individual situation.

When you are ready to sell your business and retire, we can assist you to make sure that you proceed in the most cost-effective manner, or help you in passing on your business interest as part of your estate plan.  Depending on the manner in which you sell your interest in your business could create a tax rate from anywhere between 30% to 15%.  We are available to help you set up the right course of action.

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