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bankruptcy attorney asheville nc

Bankruptcy Attorney Asheville NC

When people hear the word bankruptcy, sometimes negative images come to mind.  In reality, the idea of debt relief and a “fresh start” is as old as the Old Testament.  And this concept was so important to the founding fathers that they gave Congress the power to enact bankruptcy laws in the Constitution.

Bankruptcy is simply a procedure set up by Congress allowing individuals who are overburdened with debt to have a fresh start. 

People find themselves considering bankruptcy for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are – loss of employment, underemployment, medical expenses, divorce, and difficulties starting a business.  

If you find that you are having difficulty paying for your normal living expenses while repaying your debts, you should consult a bankruptcy lawyer right away to determine the best course of action.  For some individuals, filing bankruptcy does not make sense, but, for others, it can provide the fresh start that they need to get their finances back in order.

If you are having financial difficulties call our office today to set up a free consultationDavid Gray has been practicing law in the Asheville area for over forty years and he has extensive experience with personal and business bankruptcies.  At Westall, Gray & Connolly, we can provide the advice that you need to make the best decisions for your financial future.

If you want to find out more about bankruptcy, please visit our Bankruptcy Overview page and our FAQs.

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