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Our primary area of practice is bankruptcy law, but we also have attorneys that practice in state civil and criminal matters. We are committed to our clients and want to provide the best service possible. Several of our attorneys have been living and practicing in both Buncombe County and the surrounding counties in Western North Carolina for decades. Together, they have experience in a wide variety of legal matters including business and consumer bankruptcies, traffic violations, state criminal matters, and personal injury settlements. To learn more, please visit our pages with information on individual attorneys.

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Bankruptcy Attorney In Asheville NC

Bankruptcy Attorney Asheville, NC

David Gray has been practicing law, with a concentration in bankruptcy, for decades. He has represented thousands of individuals and businesses from Asheville and the surrounding counties of Western North Carolina through Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.  David is a certified bankruptcy specialist and was a member of the committee charged with creating the criteria for this specialist certification.  To learn more about David and bankruptcy, please browse through our website for additional information.